EV Charging Station Modules

EVC50030 is a high efficiency, high power density AC-DC charging module, support 380V AC (line voltage) three-phase voltage input, 500V DC rated output, the maximum output power 15KW.

  • Series: NCE-AL00

Product Description

EVC50030A2 is a high efficiency, high power density AC-DC charging module, support 380V AC (line voltage) three-phase voltage input, 500VDC rated output, the maximum output power 15KW.

The charging module adopts isolated the CAN communication interface, and communicates with the monitoring module through CAN communication protocol. Through the monitoring module, the charging module can realize the function of regulating voltage, current limiting and switching function,etc

Model details

EVC    500     30    A2

2       2      3     4

1-Module Series        2-Output voltage

3-Output rated current 4-Module Version

Key Characteristics

  • Working Voltage Range:3P4W 380V AC (±20%)  

  • Rated Output: 500V DC

  • Max. Output Power:15KW                       

  • Dimension(HxWxD):89mmx430mmx362mm

  • Weight:13.8Kg                               

  • Full Load Efficiency:≥96%

  • Hot swap function:Support                   

  • Cooling:Air cooling(Intelligent Speed Control)

  • Communication Interface:CAN Bus Function 

  • Regulate Voltage,Current Limit,Current Sharing

  • Over / under voltage, input over current, input three-phase unbalance protection

  • Output over voltage, output current limit, output short circuit, over temperature protection

Environment Conditions

ItemsTechnical Specifications
Operation Temp.-20℃~+50℃(Over 50℃ the module power derating)
Storage Temp.-40℃~+75℃(no package)
Relative Humility5%RH~95%RH(Non-Condensing)
Note:1000m-4000m,with each 100m higher,operation temp.fall 1℃。

Electrical Characteristics

ItemTechnical Requirement
Input Characteristics
Rated 304V AC~456V AC
Input Voltage
Input Frequency 47~63Hz,Rated 50Hz/60Hz
Input Current≤33A
PFC(*)≥0.99 full load;over 50% load >0.98;
THD(*)≤5%(load 50%~100%)
Output Characteristics 
Rated 500V DC
Output voltage
Rated 30A
Output Current
Output Power15KW
Temperature-Refer Fig.3 for Power Characteristics Curve
Output Output voltage range:200V DC~500V DC
Voltage Range
Voltage Accuracy≤±0.5%(-20℃~+50℃)
Current Accuracy(*)≤±1%(Load current within 20%~100%)
Output ≤±0.5%
Voltage Error(*)
Output ≤±0.1A,Load current<10A
Current Error(*)≤±1%,Load current≥10A

Load current within 20%~100%
Temperature coefficient≤±0.02%(Refer Value:+20℃)
Current Sharing Unbalance≤±5%(x30A),load within 50%~100%;
Max. In Parallel99 Sets
Turn on overshoot AmplitudeNo
Max.Efficiency(*)≥96%(Rated Output),Refer Fig.2 Curve
Soft start time3s~8s
Sleep functionYes
Sleep standby power consumption≤14.5W(Input rated voltage 380V Line)
Hot swapSupport
Output current limit functionYes
Communication Bus ProtocolCAN
Output Ripple(*)Ripple voltage peak coefficient <1%, RMS coefficient <0.5%.

Note:(*)Indicating that the above data are in the ambient temperature of 25 ℃,rated input conditions for related testing.

Other Characteristics

Input under voltage protection≤304V AC(Line Voltage)
Input over voltage protection456V AC(Line Voltage)
Input 3 phase unbalance protectionProtection
Input phase sequence errorPhase sequence error alarm
Over voltage limit510V(±5V)
Output current limit protectionRefer Fig.1:
Max current limit 36A(+/-1A);current limit adjust,current limit adjust range;
10%~120%(Based on rated output current)
Output short circuit protectionProtection
Over temperature protectionProtection
EMC/Lightning protection
EMC.EN55022 .EN55024 
Lightning protection5kA
Reliability characteristics
MTBF500,000 hours
Acoustics noise
Noise≤60dB(T=25℃,380V Input,Rated output half load and full load )

  • EV Charging Station

  • EV Charging Point